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Member since: 19 Jan, 2018

I've been playing Role-playing games for over 20 years. I've played a wide variety although D&D is my favorite, I also enjoy Shadowrun and most Super Hero RPGs. I've created my own world and have been expanding on it for 15 years. I'm excited to use this new tool.

Interests & Hobbies

I've been Building my world for over 15 years. I've been using it for my homebrew D&D game. I am currently interested beginning a novel.

Favourite Movies

I like almost any movie style. Science Fiction to Action to Romantic Comedies. Favorites: Indiana Jones, Die Hard....wait..too many to name.

Favourite Games

Role-Playing Games, Board Games, Video Games. Just hanging out with my friends.


The Crevice [b]History:[/b] Thousands of years ago the world was covered in Demons and the Devils ruled openly. A prophet that would speak against the evil was guided to create a land of the chosen. The preacher became very popular and soon cr...

Exploration Fantasy Fantasy, High Magic Science Fantasy

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14 Feb, 2018 21:08

I'm currently toying with placing my next campaign in the world of Crevice. I really love the depth of description of your world though it is put in few words here. Looking so much forward to any new content, you're putting up. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness

15 Feb, 2018 00:46

Thank You! I have more in my head than I have time to write down sadly. I'm trying to get more information posted in the next few weeks.


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