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World Anvil Weekly Twitch Stream

2018 05 25, 08:22
Watch us live to learn about what's going on and maybe win some raffle prizes!

Latest News & Updates

World Anvil Weekly Twitch Stream

2018 05 25, 08:22 stream 

Come watch us live!

Tune in to our weekly Twtich livestream for news on the latest developments and what's been happening on WorldAnvil this week! We announce challenge winners, give sneak-releases of new challenges, and have raffles too! Will you join us?

When: : Saturday 20:00 BST

Where: : www.twitch.tv/worldanvil

Don't miss it!

World Anvil Milestone and Feature Filled Video for GMs

2018 05 24, 20:58 announcement 

Calling all Game Masters!

Once upon a time, WorldAnvil went live on October 25th 2017. Seven months later the site and community has massively grown, with over 200,000 articles and 55,000 users as of today!

To mark this cornerstone, Dimitris and Janet have put together a vid summarizing all of the features so far, especially for you Game Masters out there.

Game on and happy worldbuilding Anvilites!

New Feature: BBCode in Comments

2018 05 24, 03:10 feature  enhancement 

With force and flame, a fresh new feature emerges!

The comments section in articles now accepts BBCode! Go crazy and wild! (Just please don’t break the website, thank you. :p)

We also have a couple of enhancements and added content!

Article Editing:
-In the Edit Article page, the Categories drop down list is now ordered by name.

Location Article Editing:
-Added the location type ‘Shop, Magic’. (Because magical items need a place to stay before finding their forever home too!)

Notes Editing:
-You can now set an Article to a Note in your Notebook

We are looking forward to seeing more of your worlds and the might of your craft!

~The World Anvil Team

Categories Enhancement: Quality of Life improvements

2018 05 21, 05:58 enhancement 

We’ve struck while the iron is hot!

- Saving changes on a category reloads the category edit page. Saving changes used to redirect to the category list. No more going back and forth!
-Added link to the category list to view a category.

- The list of Articles in the Category edit screen now has links to Edit and View the article.

Now go forth with upgraded tools in hand!

Development Announcement

2018 05 19, 04:43 feature 

Hear ye hear ye!

The following features are fresh off the forge:

Article List:
-Delete articles without having to go to the edit page.
-Drafts now appear on top.

Article Workflow:
No more separate instances of a ‘new’ and ‘edit’ page for articles. Just ‘edit’, giving you direct access to notes, secrets and relations. A newly created article will always be a draft. (This is a precursor to autosaving and a lot more!)

-All Article Timelines have been safely converted into Parallel Timelines. (No more Article Timelines)



-Choose if a timeline is a Major (previously known as Master) or Normal (previously known as Parallel) timeline.
-Ability to assign an article to EACH timeline.

-Choose if a timeline will show or not on the World’s homepage. [GUILD ONLY]
-You can no longer create Historical Events in the Timeline edit screen. Instead, you create them from the Historical Events tab and assign them to an existing timeline.
-Browse a list of all Historical Events in your world.
-You can now have free-standing historical events (No timeline required).
-The Timelines page has been redesigned.

Bear ye well these updates in mind and through your efforts help spread glad tidings!

World Anvil Weekly Twitch Stream

2018 05 18, 11:41 stream 

Tune in to our weekly Twtich livestream for news on the latest developments and what's been happening on WorldAnvil this week! - Plus, TWO announcements on our latest challenge winners!

When: : Saturday 20:00 BST

Where: : www.twitch.tv/worldanvil

Don't miss it!

Military Formation Template and Organization Military tab

2018 05 15, 14:50 feature 

The New Military Formation Template is here AND The Organizations now have a "Military" Tab
Use the new Military formation to create the templates/type of military units (organizations) of your world!
Assign Formations to your Organizations!

For example:

  • Formation: Roman Legion
    Organization: The 13th Legion (of formation type: Legion)

  • Formation: Panzer Division
    Organization: 5th Panzer Division "The Ice Breakers"

  • Formation: Bomber Squadron
    Organization: 32nd Squadron "The Dambusters"

World's End Inn Adventuring Supplies is now OPEN!

2018 05 12, 20:03 shop 

The official WorldAnvil shop is now open! Click the Shop tab at the top of the screen or check it out here!

World Anvil Weekly Twitch Stream

2018 05 11, 17:21 twitch stream 

Tune in to our weekly Twtich livestream for some exciting news, info on the latest developments AND take part in our raffles in stream!

When: : Saturday 20:00 BST

Where: : www.twitch.tv/worldanvil

Don't miss it!

New template: Ranks & Titles

2018 05 10, 14:06 feature 

It's finally here! Write about the different ranks and titles of your world, from the Duke of Benidorm to the Emperor of the Galaxy, and also any profession you could think of. Assign your titles to Characters and Organizations and more!

New templates: Document AND the much anticipated Prose template

2018 05 07, 12:01 feature 

They are both here! The Document template will help you write about the Tomes of Knowledge and Magic in your world, the Important Diplomatic treaties and so much more!

The prose template has no sidebar and allows you to change the colour of the background from black to white and the copy vice versa AND to change the size of the font to create the easiest reading experience possible

World Anvil weekly Twitch stream TODAY 20:00 BST

2018 05 05, 13:23 livestream 

Tune in to our weekly Twtich livestream today for some exciting news, info on the latest developments AND take part in our raffle in stream!

When: : Today, Saturday 20:00 BST

Where: : www.twitch.tv/worldanvil

Don't miss it!

The Spell & Condition Templates are live!

2018 05 04, 09:37 feature 

For your spell casting, plagues and vampirism needs

The Spell and Condition templates are the two new additions to the arsenal of templates of World Anvil and will cover the much requested need for the ability to create articles on the subjects above with proper connections with related articles and an array of prompts to help you expand on these topics!

Celebrating 6 months of WorldAnvil!

2018 04 25, 17:01 WorldAnvil  6months  anniversary  celebration 

Today we are celebrating 6 months of World Anvil!

We are so grateful for our growing creative community, we have all achieved so much in half a year!
Worlds have grown, features have been added and there are more exciting features ahead!

Check out what's in store on the roadmap!

Item & Tradition Template Enhancement

2018 04 25, 08:00 enhancement 

The Item and Tradition templates just got a a much needed re-innovation and they just the first two! We will be going through all our templates, organizing and adding a plethora of new enhancements!

Item Template

- Added: Manufacturer (Organization)

- Added: Related Ethnicities

- Added: Inner Workings / Mechanics

- Added: Related Technology (Tech Tree Coming SOON)

Tradition Template

- Added Names, Unisex
- Added Birth/Baptismal Rights
- Added Coming of Age Rights

New Theme: Rust

2018 04 25, 05:47 theme 

Dark gloomy, rusty grungy deliciousness, created by Oneriwien rust is the best dark theme with can think of for your militaristic or post apocalyptic setting!

Join the Guild! Get access to all the incredible themes and the ability to modify them using CSS

Articles Interface v.2.0 Drop 1

2018 04 23, 10:46 feature 

Seeing the importance of having a clean and not clutter layout I have redesigned the the create and edit pages for articles. This is only the first drop/change of the update. The goal is to go through all the templates and clean up their design in order to homogenize it and make them easier to use.

In addition to this and in light of our Festive Gathering competition the Tradition/Ritual template got a much-needed update. You can now add

  • Tradition History

  • Execution

  • Participation

  • Observance

  • and Related Location

Community Page update

2018 04 13, 10:39 enhancement 

Featured articles are back on the Dashboard - Also the Community homepage should now be much faster to load

New Theme: Opulent

2018 04 10, 10:38 enhancement 

Opulent by our amazing TJTrewin

Character Relations

2018 04 10, 10:36 feature 

You can now create relations between your characters and expand on what makes them tick and their importance

Copy to clipboard from the Image gallery

2018 04 07, 10:35 enhancement 

In order to make it easier to embed images into your articles you can now copy to Clipboard for Image BBCode from the Image Gallery

New Theme: Zen

2018 04 07, 10:33 enhancement 

New Theme: Your World, Darkly

2018 04 07, 10:33 enhancement 

Once again, a great thank you to Oneriwien for his amazing work.

New Theme: S C R I P T U R E

2018 04 06, 10:32 enhancement 

For the refined ladies and gentlemen of the medieval times.
Hail @WhiteMace for the contribution

Map Legends

2018 04 06, 10:29 enhancement 

Your maps now have a legend that you can add, details, information, links and everything else that will give them context


2018 04 06, 10:28 feature 

You don't have CSS skills? You want a cool design for your world that doesn't fit the default theme?
World > Configuration > Theme

We are starting with two amazing themes created by @Oneriwien | Survive

- Stars (Science Fiction, Dark)
- Notebook (Generic, Light, Clean)

Drag & Drop Article Ordering in a category

2018 04 05, 10:27 feature 

a. Go to Category List
b. Edit category
c. Order articles
d. Done

The 4th DDoS Attack

2018 04 04, 10:26 announcement 

We have experienced another minor DDoS Attack the website is backup! :( Some people just don't like us.
But all seems to be OK now

Drag and Drop Placement AND ordering for Categories.

2018 04 04, 10:25 feature 

In-article comments [GUILD ONLY FEATURE]

2018 04 04, 10:09 enhancement 

Use /* any text in here */
to create comments IN your articles which don't display on the presentation mode

Article List v.2.0 is here!

2018 04 03, 10:22 feature 

Now you can
- Select all article checkboxes
- See the Number of Comments
- See the Number of Views (mouseover Favourites)
- Search by Tags
- View article Publication state (Draft/Published) [redesign]
- View article Privacy state (Public/Private) [redesign]
- Rename article by clicking on name

Also now:
- Articles list now auto-resizes to fit all screens as possible
- Change Draft / Published by clicking
- Change Public / Private by clicking (guild only)

RPG Spellbook, Arms and Abilities system

2018 03 29, 10:20 feature 

New Mentions system

2018 03 28, 10:18 feature 

Now you can write and connect articles with no highlighting allowing direct change of the link's name.

To make everybody's life easier I also added buttons for the most commonly used WABBC (World Anvil Bulletin Board codes)

New Author's page and GIFs

2018 03 26, 10:17 enhancement 

We have done a slight redesign of Author's page and now you are able to upload GIFs as well!

The Campaign Manager is here!

2018 03 24, 10:13 feature 

Version 0.50-Behemoth is now LIVE
And with it:
- Player / Author / Storyteller accounts
- Styling update
- Tens of minor enhancements

Learn more

RPG Report update

2018 03 18, 10:12 enhancement 

Primary and Secondary locations in RPG reports now have a reverse reference from the Location page leading back to the RPG report.

Additions to the Species Template

2018 03 18, 10:12 enhancement 

Added Domestication, Biological Cycle, Growth rate, Uses - Byproducts & Exploitation

Ability to Delete Comments

2018 03 18, 10:11 enhancement 

You can delete your own comment, comment on your articles (by anyone). Moderators can delete any comment unless it has replies under it

Goodnight Master Storyteller, it has been 3 years now :(

2018 03 12, 10:37 announcement 

“Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one.”

― Terry Pratchett

World Builders of the world, go upset people and create imagination-fuelled havoc!

Remember the master story tellers of the past, honour them with your work!

Image and Webpage Block

2018 03 10, 10:11 feature 

Are you playing a game that World Anvil doesn't have a sheet for?
Use the Generic, Image
- Upload image
- Create Image Block
- Enter the ID of the image in the block
- Add to the block table or description below anything else you want

Masters Challenge


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