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14th Menat of the Year 4213 - Age of War

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For thousands of years Aldur has only known war. Kingdoms clashing against one another, rising and falling, and only leaving ashes behind. The High Elves of Avalon looking down on the other races of Aldur, wishing for the world to be purified of them. The humans of Midgaroth, Weskalan and Easkalin constantly struggling to be on top of each other. The Dwarves of Kelonar and Menonheim trying to stand against the unrelenting assault of the orcs and the deep terrors of the underworld. Broken and forgotten are the ancient bonds of the Golden Age.
Instead the Age of War is climaxing with the Crown and Blood Wars, the Serpent Uprising, the Demon Invasion from Ashala and the purple plague. During these daring times an ancient evil begins to rise again, grasping after the power it once had over this realm and threatening every race on Aldur to fall back into a dark fate they were trapped in thousands of years ago.
Only a few remarkable adventurers seem to see the signs and paying attention to visions of the coming doom. Will they be able to unite the divided kingdoms and race, or must they stand alone against the coming tide of darkness? Will they bring the age of heroes or will they fail letting the world fall into a second age of Starfall?


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