Highly advanced technocrats in the high south, ambitious magocracies and old kingdoms in the middle, nearly forgotten gods far down north, and a monastic order of mages at either ends of the world that seeks to maintain the peace. But who would have thought that none of these would start the next great war?

Aqualon is the world featured in the novel "Aqualon, Rise of the Broken", written by me, Koray Birenheide.

Publication status of "Aqualon, Rise of the Broken": Up to chapter 11. (238 pages)

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Aqualon, Rise of the Broken.

In a world of strange design, a cold, brittle peace keeps the three great powers of old away from each other's throat. They are the great mages of the Middle Lands, the Old Gods, and the twin cities of the High Technocrats, and every one of them believes themselves to be the dominant force of the world.

Created and destroyed in an endless cycle of rebirth, Aqualon is a world made by a great clockwork that exists beyond the fabric of reality - and due to a force opposed to that clockwork corrupting the hearts of men, this iteration of the planet stands on the verge of collapse.

The old divide between the three great powers, a relic of the wars of ages past, may yet lead to the downfall of the human race and perhaps even the destruction of the great clockwork itself.

This is BY FAR one of the most in depth, well written [...] articles I have ever seen on World Anvil!

This was such an enjoyable read! I feel like I have a complete understanding of her motives, personality, and choices that she has made. The details tying her involvement in your world were extremely well woven throughout this whole article.[...]

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I absolutely love the editing of the images in this entire article and how they were made to look like this was an entire chapter in an encyclopedia. This is incredibly detailed and leaves no questions to be asked, and I am honestly so pleased with how it's written with so much care.

Aqualon Fact of the Day #29 (2nd of March 2018) (Read all AFoDs on Aqualon's Discord Server!)

Ever since the Age of Heroes, even before the family expatriated themselves from the Yamato Kingdom to join the United Ocean Belt Technocracy (UOBT) (formerly the Maritime Technocracy of Guantil-ya), the Greenhorns, formerly known as Ryoku'u have been famous for their war horns. The horn of a Greenhorn was fitted with a wide, soft rim and worn as a hat, the horn part painted in bright green. When a Greenhorn blew his horn, a terrible magic was unleashed, and the horn blast could be heard anywhere on the world, no matter the distance, and moths would heed the call and stand at the horn blower's command. The phrase "the war horn blows green" was coined during the great war, and for the Nordmen the sound became a great source of fear during that time.

There is a truth behind every truth; there is a question behind every question; there is an answer behind every answer: Genjitsu, Sonzai, Genshi.


— From the Book of Taishôgeki

Read "Gates of Aqualon", a magazine that contains the newest book chapters, Aqualon facts, short stories, and much more here:

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Gates of Aqualon, the Magazine -  Issue #1
Gates of Aqualon, the Magazine -  Issue #2

You can buy print copies of all Gates of Aqualon Magazine issues by clicking here.

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Koray Birenheide @IsaNite

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There are a few people and services I would like to mention here and give special thanks to, because they have made this project possible or that much better. Thank you all, you are amazing.

My Patrons

I would like to thank these people in particular for going out of their way to financially support my writing, you are awesome!

Technocrat of Miyako Fluxum Patron Tier (9$)

Matthis Birenheide

Magus of the Academy Patron Tier (3$)

Carsta Dächert

People of the Land Patron Tier (1$)

World Anvil

Special Supporters

My Brilliant Editor

Bastian Jonas (Tosh / DarkListener)

The World Anvil Community

You guys are amazing and I love you. I have gotten so much great feedback and suggestions here, and enjoyed chatting with each and everyone of you. You have created so many brilliant worlds, this place is truly a garden of creativity.

Brilliant Resources


World Anvil
This site is amazing, never stop being awesome Dimitris and Janet!

Is it weird to thank Pixabay? I don’t think so. Many illustrations and headers I have designed for my articles were made possible by the broad access to CC0 and public domain images provided by their amazing service!

Cartography Resources

StarRaven, Armamentz, Ramah
For providing these, these, and these amazing cartography brushes. StarRaven’s mountainscapes are amazing and were vital for my design of the Yamato Mountain Range, and even though I have not yet used Rahma’s brushes, I am already thanking him for providing them, because the building brushes are absolutely stunning and I wish I had found them sooner! I also wish to make a shout-out to the Cartographers Guild in general because these guys are incredible. The resources they provide have made my mapmaking possible and I am immensely grateful for that.

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