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The Margrave's Favor, a stand-alone, playable Fate Tabletop Adventure

Gates of Aqualon Magazine Issue #4

This Stand-Alone Adventure Contains

  • An introduction into the World of Aqualon
  • Details on the specific setting of Aerialis, the city of wind
  • A pre-built adventure with enough variable elements to play through several times
  • Locations, scenes, NPCs, instant-encounters, and out-of-the-box playable characters
  • Example aspects for original character creation
  • A list of all Fate skills recommended for this adventure, including an outline of their usefulness, and example stunts for each and every one of them
  • An example play-through of the adventure using the out-of-the-box playable characters
  • A map of the city with relevant places marked down
  • Lots of pictures of locations

About the Adventure

  In this adventure, the players take on the role of White Lancers, city guards, local detectives, or influential nobles from Aerialis or neighboring cities involved in the trading of precious nubium, a magically enhanced aluminum alloy. They have been summoned by the Margrave of Aerialis to investigate a ring of organized criminals that have been hijacking shipments and storehouses of nubium throughout the city, presumably to sell to the outside. The Margrave will not have this in his city and is organizing a crackdown on crime, specifically sending out investigative squads to root out the perpetrators. During their investigations, the players may run into the local organized crime consortium called the Black Feathers, ambitious nobles that are up to no good, dangerous co-conspirators, and the occasional street urchin out for the contents of their pockets.  


Hello! My name is Koray Birenheide and I am the creator of Aqualon.
Aqualon is the world in which my novel “Aqualon, Rise of the Broken” is set; and thanks to the amazing service of World Anvil, it has a growing cornucopia of in-depth lore articles available at, which is also where you can read the novel; new chapters come out every Saturday.
I have been an avid tabletop role-player for over ten years now and have fallen in love with the wonderful Fate Core system in recent years. Bringing my brainchild, Aqualon, and my love for tabletop RPGs together always seemed like a no-brainer to me, and with the help of World Anvil, the world is now fleshed out enough to do so!
I created this stand-alone adventure to introduce the world to interested players in my circle of friends and acquaintances and have a good time, but also to make it available for GMs and players everywhere. I hope you have a great time playing the Margrave’s Favor and adventures beyond in Aqualon ^-^.  

About Fate Core

Fate is an interactive roleplaying game system meant for telling a joint story around a virtual or physical table by using individual character sheets and having a story teller direct the framework of what is happening and who the players meet. It is based around the concept of so-called aspects, which are archetypal phrases that can describe a character, object, or situation. Characters have a number of aspects that define who they are, and they can “invoke” this nature to improve their chances of succeeding in difficult situations. The rules for this system are laid out in the Fate Core rule book (available for download at and will be supplemented in this adventure book that aims to enable you to play through the story of “The Margrave’s Favor”.  

Table of Contents

Special Thanks3
About Fate Core3
Aqualon as a Setting3
A Glossary of Many Things4
Aqualon Fate Core8
An Adventure: The Margrave’s Favor18

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I spend many hours a week writing articles, this magazine, drawing maps, creating Aqualon tabletop resources, the weekly stream, Quills with Skills, and editing new chapters of the novel. More time than I technically have to spare. And I also have regular expenses for web space, better equipment, prints, advertisement, and more. I make it a point to make most of my material available for free, because I love my world and I want to share it with you. That being said, if you could support me on Patreon, I would very much appreciate it. There are cool rewards like early access to magazines and chapters, the ability to get your own house added to one of the many maps of Aqualon, raffles, and even loot crates. If you don't have the means or don't want to commit to a monthly donation, I am also on KoFi, and I drink a lot of coffee ^-^ (if you do buy me a coffee, I'll also send you an early copy of this issue).

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Special Thanks

This work is based on Fate Core System and Fate Accelerated Edition (found at, products of Evil Hat Productions, LLC, developed, authored, and edited by Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, Jeremy Keller, Ryan Macklin, Mike Olson, Clark Valentine, Amanda Valentine, Fred Hicks, and Rob Donoghue, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license ( Fate™ is a trademark of Evil Hat Productions, LLC. The Powered by Fate logo is © Evil Hat Productions, LLC and is used with permission. Special thanks also go to Heromachine, an amazing software for character design creation made by Jeff Hebert (

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