Life and death. Harming and healing. Magic is based on these concepts, and must be balanced, equal, stable. This is the basis of the world that many sapient species live in. There are nagas, mermaids, garuda/harpy, fae and humans (and other).

The primordials(/gods?) were upper half human, the other half godly, and so they each passed themselves on to a different type of creature; the apes(mammals), the fish, the snakes (reptiles), birds, insects, (and amphibians). This resulted in the species present now.

The world is similar to ours: a main sequence sun, similar size and temperature, the planet is the same size and its mechanics the same but magic is present. Each sapient being can use it.

There is a second dimension to Dayira, and where there are beings of that realm. They are unlike those on Dayira due to lack of a soul. If a soul of a Dayiran is taken by one of these Greater Demons, then the being is trapped in that realm. It can no longer perform magic and are under the control of the being who owns their soul.

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The Table is an elitist group of people who play the card game and bet their lives or souls on it. Each time someone dies or becomes a demon (and technically dies), they are replaced based on reputation and contacts. Being part of the Table makes you either a social recluse or at the top of the social ladder; either way Table Members are highly revered and feared. When the Table meets, they cannot disclose anything outside and so it became a myth. Although the rumours are constant, many think it is made up and it is not quite real to everyone. There are different levels of the Table, located around the globe. As such, this is why many members are recluses; they are part of a race not found much, if at all, within the area. To progress, you must travel to that location to continue, or your soul is taken. When you win a round at a level, you get to summon a demon and make a SELFISH wish. The wish cannot benefit others, or must not purely do so, part of the addiction of the game. It cannot be used to cheat. The wish can also be overruled by the demon or the other table members if it is either against the rules or gives the person a power that is too overpowering. Once you have accepted a wish, your soul goes to that demon when you die. If you take wishes from multiple demons, they must fight for the soul, or, if a conclusion is not reached in 24 hours, the soul is divided and a deformed demon joins each side. This soul cannot be released and the demon cannot be dissolved. It is cursed to existence for eternity. In the early levels, these wishes are not given away and instead they place powerful objects and belongings. Once you reach a stage above this, you can have your soul claimed at the end of a game. There are 50 groups with 40 stages (the other ten are the opening level throughout the world) 10/15/18/20/22/other members in each, meaning there are very few members in the world. There are always the same number of members. Each of the higher level games (involving souls) has the loser taken after 30 matches. This takes varying amounts of time.

Public Agenda

They do not have a public agenda as they are a secret society.


There is a supreme leader??? who governs the game. Their identity is unknown but they are extremely powerful, despite having no wishes for themself. Otherwise, no one has titles or more power than another, despite the level system. The groups are democratic.

Secret, Occult

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