1567 7 1 Great Rise

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It is a world that has long since lost hope, a world of cold hearts and hollow souls. Years after the great mage war the dust had cleared and and the light mages, the masters, had prevailed. Bit they did not know the consequences of their deeds. The nature of life itself rebelled, for there is no light without the dark. Weave cast a great curse upon the lands making the dead restless and rise again and again, ever seeking vengence for their flesh. Dark mages, the Maitresm were extinct and only they would have known how to dispell this curse. Thus Abathar Merevier known also as the "Undying" King of Oakvale released a new law in the interest of preventing harm to the Maitres and others that carried dark marking of arcane. Only so could balance be restored.


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  • Jial

    Jial roll 20 version

  • Keth

    Once thriving city now a rogue nest.

  • Red Wall

    Red wall is the city of progress and technology

  • Rhapsoden

    Funky village of Rhapsoden

  • Pearl

    The tropical paradise of an island in the middle of the ocean

  • Eidamir

    Map of the continent

  • Gar Lar

    City of water and the wind