Erylia is the campaign setting for the actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast, Adventures in Erylia. Most of the work done so far focuses on the continent of Syvahl, where it all started for me. Though I do have some concepts thought up for other parts of the world, the story so far takes place on Syvahl.

I would place Erylia as being on the lower end of high fantasy. There are gods, based on the D&D Gaelic pantheon. There are other planes, which I call realms. And there is definitely magic, including an entire floating city. However, while magic is a thing in the world, it is a little bit more restricted than standard D&D. A clear example of this are the homebrew mechanics for resurrection.

Currently there are only a few planes to the world of Erylia. The mortal plane is simply known as Erylia. Outside of Erylia lies Caelistra, the realm of the gods. Caelistra is inhabited by the gods and the spirits of mortals the gods have taken a particular liking to. The souls of the dead not lucky enough to be invited to live on Caelistra find themselves in the Sea of Lost Souls. Beyond Caelistra is The Abyss. The Abyss is unknown to the mortals, and unspoken of by the gods.

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Soul Thistle is an herb that is primarily known to be used in a ritual for a potential warlock to reach out to a patron and try to form a pact. Soul Thistle on Syvahl is generally an herb that is exported from The Faevale, however the Fae do not often deal with outsiders on their own, and it is very difficult to get to The Faevale. Due to this, not many people are able to get their hands on Soul Thistle, and those that do are able to charge a premium for it. There are rumors that a few people have managed to grow Soul Thistle on their own, but those who have keep the supply scarce to keep its value up.

Soul Thistle is a small flower that sprouts from a fuzzy looking bulb on its stock. The flower itself grows silver and it is said to react to the magic around it, giving it a slight glow in highly magical areas. For Soul Thistle to grow into a useful form, it must feed off of magic and absorb it, this is why it grows so natively in The Faevale, few other places are as magical. This also means that those who wish to grow it themselves have to nurture it with magic of their own, draining them of the ability to use it in the process.

There is a very small window in which you can harvest Soul Thistle. After months of absorbing magic from its surroundings, the bulb will begin to open up, allowing the magic to flow into the flowers petals. The petals begin to grow brighter and brighter until a single flower could light a small room on its own. It is during this time that the petals must be plucked and prepared. Once plucked, the petals will slowly begin to fade, but the magic that was released into them remains and they will continue to glow softly. They must then be protected and dried, because once a petal is crushed, it begins to lose its potency and will quickly become useless. If a Soul Thistle bulb opens and the petals are not harvested before falling off, the magic within them will quickly fade and the petals will darken, rendering them useless.

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