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Chapter 1. Rumblings in Obliscea

The party found themselves in one of the many taverns in Obliscea. As Veit, a shady-looking dwarf, was hustling some poor sods in a game of cards, a beautiful elven lady named Meeara burst through the entrance. Scanning the room, she noticed one of the people that she saw in her dreams, a half-elf man named Davlemin. After explaining to the half-elf that she has see visions from the Goddess Fehena, Davlemin felt compelled to assist the elven woman. Noticing the dwarf at the card table, she started to approach, but the dwarf jumped up and ran out of the tavern as she did so.

As Veit exited the tavern, he was ambushed by three figures, draped in crimson, hooded robes. Noticing this, Davlemin, Meeara, and an Ak' Vanu monk named Talion ran out to help. As they did so, Obliscea erupted into chaos, with hooded figures hurling magic every which way, injuring the city folk and military, as well as destroying much of the architecture. Amidst the chaos, Veit cast Invisibility on himself and ran away, while the others dealt with the hooded figures in the vicinity. After dispatching the robed men, a fatally wounded guardsman called out to Davlemin and requested that they make their way to the Academy of Magic to assist the Archmage in protecting the "book."

As Dav, Meeara, and Talion made their way through the streets towards the Academy, fighting through waves of cultists as they proceeded, Veit scurried through the streets undetected as he made his way towards the city's prisons in hopes of finding his friend--after all, that was the entire reason he was in this city in the first place. Once inside, he freed a man with a large, metal helmet and thick chainmail, based on some information he received from his contacts. Together, they fled the city. Once outside the city gates, Veit realized that the man he freed was not the man he thought it was, but instead, a man with a very similar name. Veit cursed his inept friends and decided to head back into the city in an attempt to find his friend once more. Araden (the man he accidentally freed) decided to tag along to help in thanks for freeing him.

Meanwhile, the others made there way into the Academy of Magic and up the magic elevator to the Archmage's offices. As they reached the top floor and stepped off the elevator, they saw a bald headed figure draped in a crimson cloak standing with his back to them, towering over the Archmage.

Noticing the party, the figure summoned 3 ghouls to deal with them before taking the book in his hand and teleporting away.

After dealing with the ghouls, the party headed in to aid the injured mage. The archmage, Slade Trabule, thanked them and told them that he will be summoning them in the next couple days to discuss what happened and request a favor. He asked that in the meantime, they aid the city watch in dealing with the damage to the city. He hands them each a gold sigil that can be used as a sign of affiliation with the academy.

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Chronicles of Ethael: Campaign Diaries Vol. I
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