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Chapter 10. Old Man Rivers

As the fighting in the pits came to a close and Nul'Gad lie defeated at the party's feet, The adventurers were approached by an older Half-elf man who Cogo immediately recognized as his old acquaintance, Old Man Rivers. After a quick reunion, Old Man Rivers took the party into his private offices, where the party was able to ask him a number of questions, some of which were answered, while others were not. Mr. Rivers did attempt to convince Cogo to stay with him and fight in the fighting pits, as he was always in need of strong fighters, however Cogo respectfully declined the offer, claiming that his party needed him.

After saying their farewells to the old half-elf, the party made their way to one of the local taverns, where they drank merrily and mingled with the patrons to pass the time before setting off to meet the mysterious note-giver at 3am. During their time in the tavern, an old spiteful dwarf attempted to pick a fight with Talion, but ended up just making a fool of himself and ultimately bringing the patrons and the party closer together. After much music and booze, the party made their way to the abandoned house in the Slum district where they were expecting to meet the mysterious note-giver. On their way through the slums, a scruffy, hungry-looking dog approached the party. The dog was friendly and once Cogo pet it and fed it, the dog took a liking to the group and followed them as they continued on their way.

As the party arrived at their destination, they were confused to find that there was no one there. The interior of the building was rather well-kept, with a few furnishings and a wooden door at the rear of the sole room with the phrase "Speak the pashprase" carved into it. On top of a round table towards the rear of the room, there was a small chest, locked with an alpha-lock involving four characters.

At Talion's request, Cogo tried breaking down the door, only to realize that there was a metal door directly behind it. Investigating a nearby bookshelf with the help of Talion, Davlamin found that one of the books was completely empty, except for a riddle on the last page. Solving the riddle took a bit of time. Their first attempt at the riddle resulted in a trap in the chest being engaged, but Davlamin was able to react quick enough as to not be poisoned by the noxious puff of gas that spat out. Eventually, the party figured out the riddle and opened the small box. Inside was a torn piece of parchment that included yet another riddle. This riddle proved even more difficult than the last and if it weren't for the help the dog that followed them in, they might not have realized it in time. Having spoke the passphrase, a cog could be heard turning behind the metal door before a loud ca-chunk was heard as the door opened.

Entering through the metal door, they were greeted by younger (still adult, but relatively young for a dwarf) dwarf calling himself Emthorn. Emthorn refused to answer their questions, while leading them through the tunnels into "the commander's office." Inside, the party was greeted by the stares of a burly, white-beareded dwarf with a scar across one side of his face and accompanied by a human man in dark leather armor and face concealed by a dark hood, as well as a few less intimidating individuals (two elves and a Teax). As the hooded figure looked up at Cogo, he instantly recognized him as his old friend and comrade Yurel, whom he had been convinced was dead.

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