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Chapter 11. The Hammerforge Revolution

Once inside the "Commander's Office" behind the seemingly abandoned house in the Hammerforge slums, the adventuerers were greeted by a scruffy old dwarf with a large scar across one side of his face. On the other side, a familiar tattoo was imposingly displayed marking him as a Casteless. Talion and Veit quickly recognized this man as Eredel. After vaguely eluding to his and Veit's falling out in times past, as well as bluntly reminding Talion of the possibility that his parents might no longer be of this world, he continued on to discuss the matters at hand.

Apparently, Eredel and his gang had partnered with The Shadow Covenant to accomplish their goals of releasing Hammerforge of its inconvenient traditions that the people seem to cling so desperately to. Yurel, Cogo's old friend from the fighting pits, is apparently a member of the Covenant now and was appointed along with some underlings to oversee the Revolution's operations. When Eredel and Yurel heard of Cogo and Veit's arrival in Hammerforge, they decided that such strong allies could be useful to their endeavors, and thus they asked the adventurers if they might aid them (and ultimately join the resistance).

After a bit of hesitation and reluctance (and a bit more explaining of the current circumstances surrounding the city), the party decided to help, though whether or not they actual join the ranks of the resistance is still to be seen.

As their first mission (probably an initiation of sorts), the party was asked to assassinate the slum lord and mine overseer named Grimlick Rubyshield, who has taken over the slums and mines since his brother, Wedrith, met an unfortunate end years ago. The residents of the slums don't take kindly to Rubyshield's rough, arrogant treatment, and the resistance believes that taking him out and seizing control of the mines—one of the city's most prominent revenue streams—is sure to catch the eye of the King and the nobles, making quite the statement in the process.

Eredel suggested that the party approach this task with a touch of subtlety, as tarnishing their good name that they worked so valiantly to obtain wouldn't have exactly be the best course of action. The decision of how to go about things was ultimately left up to the party, however.

Before setting out, the party was informed that while Rubyshield could be found in his offices at the mines during the day, though their best chance of success would probably be at night, where he and his wife spend their time in their manor in the Quartz Gardens found in Hammerforge's Main Halls. After scribbling out a rough map of the Gardens, Eredel warned them that guards would likely be on patrol before sending them on their way.

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