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Chapter 3. The Ruins of Kuphis

As the party arrived at the ruins, Surveyor Yornis (a male Kiplin) greeted them and explained that while they were excavating the ruins, they quickly realized that the place reeked with dark magic. As Yornis was explaining the details, another kiplin came running out of the cave screaming about something evil and dangerous being in the cave. Yornis requested that the party head in a check it out.

It wasn't long after the party entered the ruins before they were attacked by zombies. After fighting their way through zombies, ghouls, and animated skeletons, they eventually came to a relatively large room with 4 pillars in the center. As the party entered the room, magical blue flames appeared atop each of the central pillars, revealing a beholder zombie. After a short exchange of words, combat naturally ensued. The party was able to dispatch the Zombie Beholder and on a pedestal at the rear of the room, they found a large, black, leather-bound tome. Taking it with them, the party returned to surveyor yornis to ask some questions.

Eventually, Surveyor yornis revealed that the tome was very ancient and that the text was certainly ancient dwarvish—a language hardly anyone in the world speaks. He suggested that the party make their way towards Hammerforge, where the Lore Librarians would probably be their best bet to get a translation. He reminded them, however that the dwarves were not very welcoming of outsiders and they would certainly need to find some way to gain their trust before they would even be let into the city, let alone have access to the Lore Library.

After resting for the night, the party set forth on their next adventure.

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