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Chapter 6. The Black Dragon's Lair

As the party reached the base of Pinnacle Rocks, they stumbled upon the ruins of what looked to be an ancient dwarven stronghold. Intrigued, the party headed inside to investigate.

Once inside, the party made their way through the various tunnels and rooms, where they encountered a number of orcs who seem to have had made the old city their home. Dispatching the orcs with ease and dodging the traps set for them, the party eventually found themselves in a room that contained some prison cells. Inside these sells were a pair of Human brothers. The party dealt with the Orc guards and and freed the people, who revealed themselves to be from the town of Lerwick named Tomlin and Toblin. Apparently these brothers were traveling around western Ores when they were captured by an orc raiding party and brought here about a week prior. Bidding farewell, the brothers told the adventurers that if they ever found themselves in Lerwick, to find them and they would repay them properly.

Continuing on, the party discovered a very large room with a giant staircase in the center that headed downward. On one end of the room was a trapped door, while on the other, was a door that was inscribed with some sort of symbol, written in blood. Inside this room, the party surprised a orc blood mage, accompanied by two orc guardians. The blood mage seemed to be performing some sort of ritual on a corpse of an infant at a nearby alter. After dealing with the blood mage and her minions, the party continued down the large central staircase into an even darker, even more subterranean tunnel system.

The tunnels opened up to a vast cavern with a stream running from end to end, and a waterfall at the head. An opening above the waterfall shed dim light upon the cavern, providing at least some visibility. Inside, the players woke a sleeping black dragon who was not happy with their intrusion, believing the party to be thieves, attempting to steal his massive treasure hoard at the rear of the cavern. After the party's attempt at parlay failed, combat ensued. The battle was difficult, but while they were not able to kill the wyrm, they did manage to make it flee, after which they robbed the beast of his hoard—just as he assumed they would.

At this point, the party once more continued on their way towards Hammerforge

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