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Chapter 8. The Dwarf King's Request

The players were lead into the throne room where numerous dwarf council members were seated in balconies overlooking the king's throne. As King Thormyl took his seat, he began to explain to the party that Virsjach, the black dragon that the party had already fought twice now, had become a nuisance to the dwarves, continually attacking their walls. He guessed that the dragon was after the precious metals and gems being mined day in and and day out by his people. He continued to explain that, while they had so far been able to repel the dragon's attacks, it had come at great cost, and that their armies simply could not continue to withstand the wyrm's assault. Furthermore, given the rumors of a planned uprising amongst his people, he could not devote the necessary men for an assault on the beast's lair. The king then requested the help of the adventurers, in exchange for the rights to come and go from Hammerforge as they pleased, and also agreed to provide each of them a weapon or armor piece of their choice, crafted by the city's finest craftsmen.

The party accepted the terms and provided the king's retainer with the arm/armor that they wished. Veit donned his nobleman disguise from his previous days in Hammerforge, which allowed him to openly interact with the city's people, however the others were met with nothing but scorn as they wandered the halls. Veit and co. made their way to the Lore Library in the hopes that one of the Librarians would be able to decipher the tome they found in the Ruins of Kuphis. While the Lore Librarians were confident that they could complete the task, they said that it would take several days to full decipher the contents, as the language has been lost for centuries.

The party retired for the night at Veit's estate before heading out to slay Virsjach the following morning. After a couple days travel, the party returned to dragon's lair in the old dwarven ruins where they found Virsjach licking his wounds. Weakend from his previous battles, the dragon was not able to fight off the party's attacks and eventually was slain. The party returned to Hammerforge to deliver the news of the wyrm's defeat, where they were greeted as heros amongst the dwarven people.

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