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Chapter 9. Resting Developments

The party decided to spend some time in Hammerforge recovering from their recent battles and exploring the city. As they wandered the city's halls, they caught wind of an arena competition being held in the city's fighting pits. Cogo, of course, immediately decided to enter, and the others followed suit. On their way to the fighting pits, Talion witnessed a sneaky Dwarf slip a note into the band of Cogo's loincloth. Talion attempted to remove the note without Cogo noticing, but it proved a bit too difficult with Talion's wings and claws, and cogo caught him in the act. Reading the note aloud, it requested that the party meet the author at a location marked on a crudely drawn map the next day. Veit was able to recognize the location as a small house in the city's slum district. Deciding to deal with that later, the party continued on to the fighting pits.

When registering for the fighting pits, the party was given the option of solo combat or 2v2 combat. The 6 parties members decided to form 3 2-man teams. Cogo and Aradel were able to easily defeat their opponents, though Talion and Davlamin were unfortunately defeated, though they put up quite a good fight. Meeara and Veit were the final fight of the team battles and despite Veit trying his damnedest to hang on to 'till end (and he almost did), the battle ultimately ended in their defeat.

As the adventurers were recovering from their respective fights, the announcer surprisingly called for all of them to enter the arena again for a "special event." The party was confronted by a massive, heavily armored man wielding an impossibly large iron shield and a flail. When the man's eyes caught those of Cogo's, he yelled out in an almost inhuman voice, "Kill.. Cogo~~!" and charged the party. Towards the end of the encounter, Cogo's axe connected with the man's helmet in a way that forcibly removed it from his head, after which Cogo recognized the man as his old enemy Nul'Gad, who he thought was for sure dead. Nul'Gad looked like he had some work done to him, as his skin was purple; his eyes, jet black, and he was covered all over in stitches. This was certainly not the Nul'Gad that he once knew, that's for sure.

After defeating Nul'Gad—and hopefully for good this time—a small, elderly Half-elf man slowly walked out into the arena while clapping his hands amidst the silence… "Seems you're as strong as ever, Cogo…"

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