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The Kingdom of Rignus

The Kingdom of Rignus is an old nation, but the last to join the Red Covenant. Founded and controlled by Dwarves, Rignus follows a strict and orderly system of government and rule. Rignus is most famous for its Dwarven crafts, most notably, its master weapon smiths and armor smiths, whose masterwork crafts are renowned around the world.

Geographically, Rignus is located in the Vaultreach Basin. To its south, and West are the Savagelands. Because of this, Rignus has become very isolated, with the only reliable form of transport being travel by ship through the Bay of Winter. Most Dwarves of Rignus don't care about their Isolation though, and prefer to hold up in their keeps, where they can mine the mountains for treasure.


Rignus is rich in Mineral Resources. Not only having access to large veins of Gold, Silver, Iron, and Gemstones, but also a willing and able workforce to mine and process it. Not only this, but the Dwarves of Rignus are the only peoples of the world to produce the much sought after steel alloy known as Darkmetal.

The Craftdwarves of Rignus are renowned around the world. Their expert crafts are unparalelled even by other great Dwarven nations. In Particular, Rignan weapons and armor are considered to be the best ever made in all of known history.


Rignus Is an old Kingdom. Most of the older Dwarven families tell folk tales that originate from before written histories that have been catalogued. Though Isolated, Rignus has never suffered technological ineptitude, as Dwarves are naturally creative and progressive creatures.

In recent times, Rignus was pressured by the Red Covenant to join their Union. After Rignus joined, they were forced to abandon their traditional religion in favor of the Holy Trinity. This has caused great unrest in the Dwarven population. Rignus also saw a great increase of trade after joining the Covenant, as merchant ships were now free to buy and sell in Port Tagnus.

Geopolitical, Kingdom


Controlled Territories

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