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When Yeor awoke he pondered the very essence of existence, creating the matter that makes up you and I today. The Smoke of Shadow parted, creating the pocket-s that soon became filled with the matter. He set fourth creating and building his great work in the center of all this, populating it with the Engellic Spirits.

In the far distances, away from Yeor's Sight, Urye the Leviathan was born of natural processes. He felt a pull from Yeor's presence and began pondering the same questions as the Maker did in his own beginning. The Leviathan attempted to create his own life, a small planet called Mir, with one continent. Here is where Urye begot the planet Mir with His Children, the humans.

They quickly developed tribal technology and societies and Mir became a hostile world, where survival was a reward, not a freedom. Beings here had to fight to survive, consuming one another for sustenance, away from the divine influences of Yeor. In the flames of the conflict to survive, humans developed a soul, and it is this force of power they posses that made Yeor want to investigate.

He sent his Four Aspects to find the source of this energy. Upon their discovery of Mir, the Aspects happened across humanity, huddled in caves and under crude structures made of wood and stone. The Aspects took physical forms and the monikers of the Right's of Yeor, and bestowed upon humanity their greatest gifts...
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Created by

Gerrit Dodd @itsbaaad

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The Universe

The Planet of Mir is a harsh world. Its only race of any measure is Humanity, and their early lives were dominated with the struggle to survive. It was these hardships that forged the power of the souls, and in turn brought the attention of the creator deity, Yeor, the Awakened Creator. He sent four aspects of himself to Mir after he sensed the human spirit from beyond his Divine Light. Zhizn, Stenok, Eyinan and Vybor set off across the Smoke of Shadows(a thick, black fog that covers most of the universe) to discover this new, unknown source of energy.

Upon their arrival at Mir, they observed humanity for 1,500 years before taking up their sphere's of influence and becoming known as Four Rights. With this came a dispute among what to do with the human spirit upon it's passing, and this argument soon turned into the War of Souls, lasting for 600 years.

After the war subsided, humanity spent the last 400 years of the First Era rebuilding their ruined stature on Mir. The Second Age began to flourish, seeing the rise of new empires and nations far and wide along with new culture's and belief systems to accompany them. In the east, men travelled from the far islands to the Region of Acre and founded the Nation of Thul. To the south of there indigenous peoples moved into the Zjin'au Territory and formed three distinct tribes. In the Innerlands, mortals left the caves and shelter of the Northern Aleyn Mountains to go on and form the Republic of Seva.

These states of power thrived in the absence of the Aspects of Yeor, having raised the Wall(mountain range) in the west and secluding themselves from the greater world beyond them, seeking seclusion. Humanity was left to toil among themselves and build great cities and technology, allowing them to turn their attention to other luxuries such as art, music and the sciences. Armies were built and wars were fought, but none compared to the now ancient War of Souls.
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The Cosmos & Gods

The Universe over all is blanketed with a thick, black fog-like substance called the Smoke of Shadow. It is primordial in nature and existed before all else and will survive long after all else. The Smoke of Shadow however, is not all encompassing and there are pockets of pure among it, which is the same as space is to us. One of these 'pockets' is the location where Yeor thought himself into existence and asked the question of life, upon which was answered and the galaxy was filled with the elements and matter make you and I up today. Yeor took the form of a great, white star, and began to shine with his Divine Light across his own pocket, along with many others nearby in the cosmos.

He formed the matter around him into celestial bodies and gave parts of himself to them and formed the beginnings of the Engellic Spirits. Within Yeor's Divine Light, all is safe and sacred, and no harm comes to any under his protecting shine. It is bliss. But the Light does not shine across all of the Smoke of Shadow, and it is in these darkened, matter-filled pockets that natural processes occur and form the basis of new kinds of celestial bodies & biological life. It is in one of these processes that Urye the Leviathan was born by natural means. His power so great, he could sense the slivers of Yeor's light, and became compelled to understand it.

Therefor, he imitated it. He created Mir, and exhausted from the effort, fell into a deep slumber, drifting into the Smoke of Shadow, lost to time.

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Mir & Insennis

1. Early History

Mir in it's earliest form was a glowing blue and green marble of a gem orbiting with three small moons orbiting a star much like our own sun. Mir is only the size of a large dwarf planet, and is only home to one continent, Insennis. There are many small islands and archipelagoes located in the surrounding oceans, although they are largely unexplored. It is Insennis where the Human race evolved from nature over a period of hundreds of thousands of years, sentient, but just out of reach of true sapience & understanding.

3. The War of Souls

Humanity progressed at a phenomenal rate and their potential was realized by Stenok. He planned to use their spirits in an effort to help him ease humanity into extinction. Zhizn stood up against him and conflict soon came. On 1E400 the War of Souls broke out and was waged for 600 years. It began small, with Stenok slowly escalating over time, hiding his presence from the other deep under the ground. At it's peak great battles were waged, leaving imprints on the land forever, the Pits of Mir and the Wastes are prime examples.

2. Rights Discover Mir

The Rights arrive at Mir and find humanity in their caves, hunting and gathering. Fighting for survival with the rest. But there was something special. they knew how to manipulate tools and had a complex social structure already present. The Four Aspects soon came to understand why they had been drawn here. After 1,500 years, they declared the First Era, took the moniker of the Rights and bestowed upon mortals the their greatest gifts. The Right to Life, Death, Knowledge and Choice.

4. Vybor & Eyinan Intervene

As the war progressed and great battles were fought and the conflict began to peak, Vybor and Eyinan made an agreement with eachother to step in. They could see the destruction being brought about this gem of a world and sought to end it and attempt to save humanity from the destruction; both Zhizn and Stenok were blind to the fact they were killing off what they were fighting for. Vybor, Right of Choice went to mediate between the armies of Death and Life, while Eyinan went to relieve humanity of their fears and teach them how to survive and rebuild when peace once again rested upon Mir.

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The Nations, Kingdoms & Territories

1. Nation of Thul

The Nation of Thul was founded in 2E187 by men traveling by ship from islands across the Sundering Seas. They are approached by Veera in 2E202, disguised as Yidul, a mesiah-figure who influences and helped create the Influence of Yidul. It was soon after that Akata and Bor approached Veera and persuaded her to help them send the souls of the citizens and people of Acre to Stenok in an effort to boost his forces and chances of succeeding in his plans. Thul went on to found four major settlements, along with many other small villages, hamlets and homestead that fall under their rule. Their key settlements are: Origin, Song, Oxbow & Bliss.


The coat of arms represnting Seva

3. Zjin'au Territory & Tribes

The Zjin'au Territory lies to the south of Acre and the Nation of Thul. While no true sovereignty has been established in the region, it is currently controlled by local tribes who fall into one of three groups. Zjin'au Coastal Tribes, Zjin'au Inlanders & the Zjin'au Nomads. While the Coastals and Inlanders stem from the same roots and ancient history, the Nomads come from outside the territory and stay distanced from the other two tribes, only interacting with others when required for trade or their own well-being. This has lead to great misunderstanding towards them from the other tribals, and in turn caused tensions to build in Zjin'au.

nation of thul

The coat of arms used to represent the Nation of Thul

2. Republic of Seva

Directly opposite, on the western side of the Northern Aleyns you'll find the Republic of Seva. Founded by the descendants of the survivors of the War of Souls. The populate the local forest and the plans to there south, being masters of horseback riding and warfare. They boast a large population and military force and have come to blows with the Nation of Thul over the region known as the Gap, an important location for trade & commerce. They have yet to be able to beat Thul or hold the Gap for any meaningful amount of time, but have made repeated attempts over the centuries. They are currently skirmishing over the Gap during the events of the Grateful Six journey.


The symbol above is often used by the swamp tribals to represent their culture in Zjin'au.

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The Grateful Six

The Grateful Six is the title for the main story line set into Mir. It is in the 474th years of the Third Era that this group of six people is formed, with Wee as their Pathfinder, Twitch, his sister Bean, a drunk named Hobbes, the fugitive Fan and the idealistic young boy called Clyde. It is in the Nation of Thul city called Bliss that they meet by happenstance as individual patrons of The Lonely Bard Inn, owned & operated by Beauregard Woodrake for 7 years.

It was the siblings who first came up with the idea to form a party and set out south to find freedom in the swamps of Zjin'au, being escaped slaves from Thul, they craved freedom. Upon meeting Wee and the others, they set out on their great journey, picking up travelers, refugees, fugitives of the state, slaves and more. As news of this grand exodus spread, Thul took notice and sent scouting parties after them in an effort to keep a group of less than a hundred people from undermining what they saw as their divine rule and right.

They faced peril after peril, loss after loss and yet prevailed. They reached the Territory and were befriended by the curious locals of the Inlander tribes. It was they who sent the initial part of six to the sea-village of Silt, where they came to an agreement with the ruling council. They agreed to aide in finding them suitable land, learning to navigate and read the dangerous swamps, how to cultivate food and inevitably build defenses muddy region. She'edu, as the new settlement came to be called existed outside of the subjugative law of the Nation of Thul and from the rituals and sacrifices of the Zjin'au tribes. They succeeded in founding the first independent settlement on the east coast since the establishment of the Nation of Thul in the early Second Era.

News of their success began to spread, and more people came. Other attempts at free-settlements were made, some failed & some succeeded, but none stood out like She'edu and the journey they made to get there. divider 3

Ok, so.

This world is getting bigger everyday and it's hard for me to lay it out in a meaningful way, so this is going to be a way for me to both introduce new people to my work, along with summarizing it for myself. It will be subject to a lot of updates and will probably never be truly complete as the world grows and changes.

I really appreciate each and everyone of you for even reading this far, and feel extremely humbled by the help I've received from all of my friends & family and the absolutely fantastic people in the World Anvil community & Discord.
-- Gerrit

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Symbols depicting Yeor, Urye & the Four Rights.

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1. Map of Insennis [Political] cover

A regional & political map of Insennis. Thul is green, Serva blue & Zjin'au red.

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Human souls are the currency,
with power supreme.
The war was fought for nought,
with Mir only to be torn down within a dream.

-- excerpt from The Shallows of War.

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City Maps of Thul

4. Map of Origin cover

A map of the city of Song.

6. Map of Song cover

A map of the village of Song

3. Map of Bliss cover

A map of the city of Bliss

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divider 2 tg6logo

The emblem of the Grateful Six

Wee - Rough Draft

Wee, council member of She'edu, Pathfinder of The Grateful Six.

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Here is where you can find a list of pronunciations for the various words found throughout Mir.

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