Everything that we know, has a beginning, and nothing lasts forever. From the countless worlds spinning amid the endless void, to the even more numerous stars, spreading light and life throughout the universe. This world is no different, it had a beginning, and one day it will have an end.

In the distant eons of history, three species rose to claim dominion over the world. Each achieved levels of immeasurable power, sophistication and knowledge. They built colossal structures, reshaped the surface of the planet and reached for the stars. Only after countless years of mastery did they fall to the ravages of time.

Humans have only now taken their first steps, walking out onto an ancient world. Dark secrets and mysteries from ages long since passed linger in the earth. Humans are not the first, they are simply The 4th Race.


The 4th

The 5th

The 4th Race is one of two worlds that make up the Kindred multiverse.
Its sister setting, The 5th Dimension, is set in a parallel universe created from pure arcane energy.


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Caeora @Caeora

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Welcome to the introduction page for The 4th Race setting guide. A world of ancient histories, dark secrets and terrifying creatures. This is very much a work in progress and only a few articles have been put on World Anvil, there is a bunch of stuff written for the setting but I’m taking my time organizing it and making it easier to read! This page should give you a brief taste of the setting in general and what you might expect to find in the following articles and links.

Thanks for reading!

Hard Fantasy


The 4th Race setting is built upon real scientific principles, thousands, millions or even billions of years are taken into account and characters, locations and events have a detailed explanation for their existence. There are no creator gods or all powerful beings that shaped the universe in ancient times. Mountains and rivers are not created by wayward spirits or dragons lying deep within the earth, they formed from moving tectonic plates and weather patterns. Even the creatures and species described within these pages did not pop into existence as an afterthought for a cruel demons pleasure, but evolved over millions of years. In short, this setting is firmly based in our own scientific understanding of our world and universe as a whole. On a more familiar level this means that most of the storytelling and adventures in the game focus down on the characters themselves, and conflicts explore complex human relationships.


Secrets & Exploration

Adeventure in the Unknown

While this guide can explain almost anything within the setting, the people living in the world don't have access to this knowledge. For them the world is full of evil spirits, gods, demons and mystical forces they can never hope to understand. Two similar cultures, that exist side by side, might have very different and opposing beliefs about how they think the world works. Much of the world is unknown, and much larger than you might expect. In terms of scale the world in which this setting takes place on is significantly bigger than our own earth. And while the gravity is similar this means there is lot more space to explore. Often things are left vague and unclear for a reason, sometimes there is no answer and no satisfying conclusion.


The Otherworld

Soft Magic

Magic exists in this setting, but it's incredibly rare and almost no one truly understands it. Magic is one of the only things in this setting that can never be fully explained and accounts for almost all of the strange and random elements that take place within. It is chaotic force that has a tendency to destroy its users in random and unexplainable ways. Those that claim to wield magic are often frauds or charlatans, claiming to cure a sickness or exploit the common people for their own ends. Mages, wizards, warlocks and witches are all just names with little real meaning, anyone with a real connection to magic is harnessing it in the same way as anyone else.



Schemes & Plots

Powerful beings exist in the world, in some cases they walk the streets, travels the roads and live among normal people. Some cultures worship them as gods, but they gain nothing from the belief of others. These beings take various forms and have widely different goals and motivations. They often oppose one another in long and complex games that involve those sworn to them and anyone unlucky enough to attract their attention. These plots may take many centuries to play out with no clear winners or losers. Some have no interest in the world and are rarely seen, preferring to stay out of the affairs of others.


Ages Lost

The setting and the world of Calera is incredibly ancient, dark secrets from ages long since passed linger in the earth. Three sentient intelligent races evolved, gained mastery over the planet and died out millions of years ago. The legacy they left behind is hidden from all but the most observant, and those that do unearth ancient mysteries often wish they hadn't.

Fresh Start

While the world itself is incredibly old, the peoples and cultures currently inhabiting the world are not. Many of them have just begun their journey to civilization and the cities and large population centers are newly founded, thus dungeons and ancient ruins are a rarity.

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The 4th Race
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I love the feeling of this world. I'm a sucker for the long game and it feels like this one will have plots spanning generations.

11 Feb, 2018 20:41

Thank you so much! One of the reasons I came up with this many years ago, was because I had an idea/plot that spanned a few million years, with a few gaps of course. ;)

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Fantastic intro! Looking forward to seeing more of your world :D

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