After the strongest empire on the plane failed a rutial and created "The Gloom" many generations have passed and the world have forgotten most of the history surrounding the event. The empire, led by dark elfes is now gone. Only the High-Elves (Termalien) on the other side of the sea has some memory of the ritual. However, they are occupied in a war against a newly risen teocracy (Nakramont) built on the practice of necromany and is losing ground to the undead horde.

The gloom behaves like a slow spreading mist that erases memory of the things it touches. From the ashes of the forgotten ruins the Valdurian Union has risen. Valduria is mostly on a desert continent, but has recently started to expand in hope to compensate for the claims the advancing Gloom has started to make more rapidly as of late.

The northen empire: Norm has set a stop to Valdurais expansion and the two countries have signed a strenious peace agreement. A cold war is currnetly taking place between them and alot of it is being fought in the free province of Aspya. This is an impirtant trade hub that Valduria would need to get the upper hand in a real war if it where to take place.

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Valduria is a contry made on top of the Old drow kingdom from ancient times. Humans from the island to the south found the desert empty. However they came across many of the buildings and knowledge long lost under the sand. The geography in the desert hints of a time before the sands.

Now however valduria is mostly a hot desert kingdom with pockets of civilization spread across the vast plains. This may seem like a land of many hardships. While true, there is a strong sense of union in the culture of the inhabitants. Resting on the religion and a unique practice of "masks" valduria has risen to be one of the most civilized and advanced contries in the world.

The biggest trade exports are gems fish and spices. But the biggest source of income is the fine works of engineering. clocks, vehicle and other macines are a luxury item in many areas of the world and the valdurian scholars are the best.

One big problem for the contry is the "gloom" a growing magic mist left behind by the drow is slowly spreading from the south. the brightest minds of valduria is engaged in a race gainst time before it reaches one of their major cities.


Vast deserts. dunes of sand almost as white as snow. pckets of green oasis strwen across the continent. omintains to the east and acces to the great inland sea. To the nort the natures turns colder and more lush. beond lies Norm with its forest and grasslands.

Flora & Fauna

In the central desert the is little to no flora. kaktus is the only prominent green at all. the oasis however are full of life both plant and animal.

Included Locations
The Ribcage (Alsadriv)
Tomb of Ameer el-Sadir the Wise

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Throne of Gloom
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