Eons ago, Urd was a land of myth and legend. Humanity and Fate lived by the cycles of Urd's moons: Rijk, the Iron Moon; the Moon of the Matter, and Ura, the Silver Moon; the Moon of the Spirit. Human oracles and Fata kings and queens, told the world what to do, and the world spoke to them as well. But, somehow, that Oracle's Era ended.

Who lived in comunion, now are separated: Humanity prospered over Urd with iron, fire and sail. Fate looked at them from the all-mighty Spirit, unable to reach them... Until magic was discovered. Talking old forgotten languages, the wizards and sorceress from Artamea manage to create a way to commune with the beings of the Spirit. But magic is not common yet, so only in Artamea, its Empire, and its allies is allowed to be practised. It is the Shield of Magic, and its Ten Commandments shall be respected by all mages, least they want the Purple Night knocking at their door.

But some mages are starting to see magic not as a way of collaboration between worlds, but a form of slavery: Half-breed and pure Fate are treated as spell materials and servants. How much time will the Fate admit this treatment?

Fantasy world for a NaNoWriMo novel, based on Paracelsus works and its time. I'm using this page as a reference while I'm working on it.

Created by

Pablo Raak @Raak


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The Solsticial Calendar

The Solsticial Calendar is the normal way to keep record of the days in the Danevian Empire and the lands of Unora. It consists of four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) with three months of each, which follow the next rule:

-The first month of the season is called "Low" (plus the name of the season) and goes from the end of the last season to the Solstice of Equinox of that season. Each "Low" month lasts around 40 days.

-The second month of the season is called "Middle" and starts at the Solstice or Equinox of that season. It lasts only 10 days, and they are treated as celebration months.

-The third and last month of the season is called "High" and lasts around 30 days, starting from the end of the previous month.

Given that, the months are the following (starting at our climatic equivalent for January):

  1. High Winter (32 days, every 6 years this months lasts 33 days, this event is called a "Greedy Year")
  2. Low Spring (40 days)
  3. Middle Spring (10 days)
  4. High Spring (29 days)
  5. Low Summer (41 days)
  6. Middle Summer (10 days)
  7. High Summer (30 days)
  8. Low Autumn (41 days)
  9. Middle Autumn (10 days)
  10. High Autumn (29 days)
  11. Low Winter (41 days)
  12. Middle Winter (10 days)

The year always starts at Low Spring and ends at High Winter. Rijk, the Red Moon, helps with the counting of the days, and splits the months in weeks of seven days each, named (in order) Diplate, Digule, Dizure, Dipure, Diverte, Disable and Diore.

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