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Bad Chilii


Member since: 7 Jan, 2018

Aspiring DM of 5e DnD with a homebrewed world I've been working on for the past 8 years.


It has been thousands of years since the Great Exodus and the Gods left the Material Plane. Before they left, the Gods and Demon Lords waged war across Drusatta shaping the world into what is it now. The landscape was drastically changed in the carna...

Fantasy Fantasy, High Magic Medieval Political

Atrius Galaxy

Far off in the deep reaches of space there is the Atrius Galaxy, a place a science and wonder. In a spectacular fusion of science and the mystic arts, the galaxy is flowing with an energy known as the Fade. Some have come forth with the ability to ha...

Cyberpunk Mecha Military Political Science Fantasy Science Fiction Space Opera Young Adult (YA)

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8 Feb, 2018 05:41

Hey Bad Chili, What program are you using for your map drawing? I came across it a little while ago and lost the site, been trying to track it down since! Thanks.

8 Feb, 2018 14:42

I use hope that helps!

9 Feb, 2018 19:31

Thank you!


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