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12 May, 2018 07:21

Ironrise looks sweet! Good luck with your Kickstarter :)

12 May, 2018 07:31

Also I didn't realize you were from the Chicago area! Now I might have to back you, out of solidarity for Chicago gamedev

12 May, 2018 17:30

You in Chicago too, Patrick? That's great! I'm a life long Chicagoian. I'm up in Lincoln Square now, been in that neighborhood for seven years now. And, honestly, I appreciate your support so so much! Every dollar and every extra set of eyes matters so much! Thank you!

16 Oct, 2018 02:36

Your map of Tairos is great! Which program did you use to make it?

16 Oct, 2018 15:56

Hey Ben, thanks for the compliments! I used Inkarnate for that. It's the easiest program in my opinion to use.

16 Oct, 2018 21:50

Thanks! I gave it a try and I really like it!

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