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Past Aqualon Builders Guild Challenges

Here you can find the descriptions of past contests, some of which may still allow the submission of entries.   You can find the winners of past contests and their entries here:

The Wall of Aqualon Contest and Challenge Winners
Generic article | Nov 3, 2018

These people have aprticipated in special Aqualon challenges and won cool prizes!

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  This challenge will remain open indefinitely. Even though the first prize has been claimed by now, participation prizes will continue to remain available until a cool poetry collection can be created. ^-^  

Frozen Progress

Shining splendor, day and night;
The sun, the moon; refracted light
That glitters like a million stars,
Through spirals wrought of frozen bars.

- Paul Paquin, an outspoken critic of the Spire of Rahn in 1303 GE

What is this Challenge?

Write a piece of poetry inspired by the Spire of Rahn, one of the rivers flowing into Lake Rahn, or the lake itself.
Alternatively: Write a piece of poetry about water, ice, rivers, and/or lakes.

Length: Anything from one four-lined stanza (verse) upward qualifies.

Where: Post your poem in the comments with this title: ~[b]Poets of Rahn Challenge[/b][br]~ (just copy and paste ^-^)
Deadline: Submission for the main competition will be open until the 1st of August, however, you will be able to earn the badge and be added to the poetry collection after that. The deadline is for people who would like to be eligible for the 1st place prize.

The Spire of Rahn is thought of as one of most beautiful buildings of the Great Land, if not the most beautiful one. It reaches 252 meters into the sky and is pure white with wavy, spiraling designs winding up to its tip and water ever flowing down its sides into Lake Rahn in Aquaris. Here water magic is taught to the students of the academy, and the base liquid for spell ink is crafted in its secret alchemy laboratories.
  Mt. Toke is a tall mountain next to Aquaris and Lake Rahn. Melting water and mountain springs turn into the mighty Tokerei River and the smaller Rahnbach, which flow through its foothills into the pristine Lake Rahn. The city itself is famous for its delicious rahntrout and aquaris eel and has become a No.1 tourist destination thanks to these, its inns and spas, and the majestic Spire of Rahn.

Settlement | Jul 31, 2018

One of the five capitals of the Middle Lands, home to the Spire of Rahn.

* 1st Place will be awarded 4 bricks, a special version of the badge, and gains ownership of this beautiful building with some options for customization:
The Rahn Cottage
Building / Landmark | Aug 9, 2018

This beautiful little cottage is built onto the side of the Rahnbach river by the Tokerei Foothills, a truly pristine location.

  * All participants will be awarded 3 bricks and their poems will be displayed in a collection article with the beautiful Poet of Rahn badge you can see below and a link to their profile as well as one to their world of choice attached to it!  

I am looking forward to reading some beautiful poetry ^-^  
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Auri, Auri, stay indoors
Auri, Auri, paint the floors

Auri, Auri, wait and see
Auri, Auri, you and me

Lock the doors and paint the floors
Auri, Auri, darkness falls

When the winter months have come
The darker things will hide the sun

Auri, Auri, lightly sleep
on the eight month's twilit eves...

- Popular late autumn song in the Altonar region

What is this Challenge?

Write a creepy or scary short story or myth the people of Aqualon might tell each other on cold winter nights.   Length: At least 200 words.   Where: Post a link to your story in the comments with this title: ~[b]Auri, Auri, Stay Indoors Challenge[/b]~
(just copy and paste ^-^). You may write your story as a google docs document, a WA article, or provide a .pdf download link.   Deadline: Submission for the competition will be open until Halloween is over (so the 31st of October <3).  
Auri is the eight month in the The Altonar Calendar and often seen as the month during which autumn transitions into winter within the Great Land. In certain regions, it is seen as a time for telling scary stories, a way to enjoy each others closeness and company around a warm hearth.

A few tips and ideas: There are many scary stories, myths, and legends throughout Aqualon, all dyed by the local cultures that invented them. You could write a "bakemonogatari", a ghost story inspired by Japanese culture, told in parts of the Yamato Kingdom, tales of the ghosts of the Arkamanthali Empire, told in the Egypt inspired city of Arkatrash, pirate tales told across the Corsic Ocean, or tales of strange faerie creatures abducting children in the far north, told around Kaltani hearths. Why not write about dark denizens of Skôtish lakes? Or propaganda tales of Vinclav, the Master of Keys, told by the Church of Pure Souls? Make your pick, and tell a scary story to be remembered!
Auri, Auri, Stay Indoors.jpg
During the month of October, I am going to publish scary stories and creepy facts each day as Aqualon Fact of the Day facts on the Aqualon Discord. Join us and get your fill of inspiration for this challenge ^-^ The Aqualon Discord



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