A World that lost hope long time ago, a world with a cold heart and hollow soul.After the Great mage War dust fallen down on the ground light mages the Masters prevailed.But the did not know the consequences of their deeds.Nature of life rebelled.For there is no light where there is no darkness.
Weave itself casted a great curse upon the lands causing the dead find no rest but rise over and over again seeking for vengeance seeking for flesh.
Dark mages the Maitres were extinct and were the only hope to deal with this curse.So Abathar Merevier the "Undying" King of the Oakvale kingdom releases a law-preventing causing harm to Maitres and those who carry the dark arcane mark.That way balance can be restored.

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Elder Fey

When times are rough and grimm everyone needs some light in their lives and they turn to gods i search of divine help.And there was a man that decided to unite all good deites into a pantoen and give an opportunity to all people to reach out to the god they worship in any church chapel or shrine of the elder fey.Jereziah Soullight a paladin that walks under many gods gaze worships them all and propagands they ways of multiple gods worshiped.And more and more people find this idea interesting or just using multiple shrines that are present in plain and simple temples around the continent.This association has been founded maybe a little less then half a millenia but has its presence far wide all over the continent even outside of it.


Organization is classic but names from one teemple to other change.From Deacon to apprentice.From Hierodeacon to acolyte

Public Agenda

Propaganda of gods and wide spread of religious teachings to all who dont have faith .Also spreading the multishrine politics around other Churches


This association is quite rich but they are involved into charity and voluntary services mostly helping torestore old temples and converting them to multipurpose.They have vast amount of golden accesories and gold in vaults about 2 million that belongs to all temples that are participating.


"When you see that the gods sometimes have so much in common its only natural to feel sympathy to many religions"Jereziah's father told to his son when he was building the very first "Temple of many faces" In a small town of Candleearth,and later his son picked up fathers idea and went with it into the world.On his path he collected many friends and

Demography and Population

Hard to tell the amount of the followers of the movement but approximately its about 2000 people around whole continent and about 20 multipurpose temples.

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Religious, Organised Religion
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Wall of the  multipurpose temple

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