The four districts of an ancient world - Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night. Always been there, always will. Together they create Evail - a place for all. A world you will find elves, demons, angels, fairies, unicorns, pegasi, centaurs and chimeras, and so on. Divided in four, they shall live seperated, in one of the districts.
In Dusk, the elves live. In the constant gloom they thrive, in caves deep inside the montains, only lit by crystal icicles. Deep inside the forest, only lit by forest orbs, with their warm, green light.
In Dawn, the fairies live. With their homely meadows, filled to the brim with flowers and trees, with morning dew twinkling like stars. The morning sun, barely over the horizon, lighting up the world with a lazy stare.
In Day, the angels live. With a constant sun, they fly where their hearts desire. The air is crisp and fresh, with warmth and love, it caresses your skin with care.
In Night, the demons live. In darkness and cold, they live in big, old castles and forests. Nocturnal as they are, but without day, they are awake. Always.
Somewhere here, in all its glory, you shall find your home.

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Collector of the Wings

Legend says, if you kill a bird and cut off its wings, the Collector of the Wings will come. If you trick him, he will grant a wish. But only one wish, and only trick him once - if you ask for more wishes or trick him twice, he will get angry. If you are lucky and he doesn't kill you at once, he will haunt you with his birds, for eternity.

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Secrets are the collection of not commonly known facts in this world about a specific topic. An example of that can be the actual origin of a Deity, the creation of a world, secret plots and agendas behind seemingly innocuous organizations etc.

Secrets are not meant to be seen by the players of an RPG campaign or readers of a book. Thus only subscribers, or in some cases followers of a world can see them.



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